Dark Rooms

Is it just me or are dark rooms the best when it comes to maxin’ and relaxin’? I could sit in a dark cold room all day with the right movie/game and snack set up. Why as a matter of fact I’m sitting in my pee pants… dark room right now surrounded by dim white Christmas lights typing about how much I enjoy the comfort the room affords me.

“You hear that house gods! Now keep my roof and foundation good for the next 60 years, please?”

“That’s fine we planned on crushing your AC in the next few months.”

Anyway, as far back as I can recall I’ve always enjoyed this. Playing a video game? Close door, turn out lights, cut on the fun. Reading a book? Close door, turn out lights, turn on one tiny (emphasis on tiny) book lamp. Meditating? Close door, Turn out lights, pull covers over head, engage the dream factory. Dark rooms are the business! Sure it can be a maze when trying to find things but, still… Well, that is all for this nonsensical rant. Do any of you prefer good times in dark rooms? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


Too Much Video Games

‘Blasphemy, there can never be enough!’

No really wayyy too much. It’s my brains first go to when deciding what I want to do, what I carry out almost every evening until bed, and is the habit that is most rubbing off on my sons. I can figure out other things to do and often I’ll participate in other things for the evening with my wife (if she isn’t also bent on playing a game) but, it would seem my boys aren’t as blessed in this aspect. Like right now, I just had the thought ‘meh, I can write more later let’s jam a game of Smite.’ Man… So yeah, anyways I’m trying my best to slow it down and show the boys that there are so many other things to do (like writing on an online blog) and, hopefully it will eventually catch on.

Children just don’t seem interested in things that aren’t electronic anymore though. I’m a 90’s kid so don’t get me wrong I played (and still play) a butt ton of games but, if the neighborhood kids came over in need of an extra team mate or what have you I was out the door (except during my FFT years, they drug me out of the room during that time BUT I STILL WENT). And I guess that’s a bit of what I’m getting at here, even when my sons friends come over they all convene at the T.V. and commence to playing. I just wish they would ask to go hit the woods or cast the line sometimes instead of my having to force them out (all while feeling like an arse for taking them out of their element). Well anywho, I’m off to garden. Laters

Immigration from Mexico into the United States

Okay, so there’s a lot of controversy over the building of a particular wall. And most of this disagreement is based within the thoughts that Mexicans are coming into the U.S. to continue their career as criminals or as honest working individuals leaving the rest of us with no jobs to work or crimes to commit. The idea is that by building this 2000+ mile wall (that can’t be cheap) we can keep Mexicans in Mexico ‘where they belong.’ You know, because people in the U.S. don’t believe that other human beings are capable of using things like boats, planes, ladders, or shovels (seriously, Mexicans that cross the border are tri-athletes, a wall won’t stop the determined).

Well, you see the thing is… They aren’t Mexican. Those are Americans! I know crazy thought right? Until you take that thing which everyone hates and, use it to get a better understanding of the big picture (read: History). You see, sometime wayyy back when in the U.S., there were no Columbian or Spaniard populations within its borders. Only the indigenous peoples of the U.S. lived there at that time (read: Americans). The Americans in this era were doing great and had so much land and trees it was crazy. Then people from all over the world started thinking,

‘Hey, this country I live in sucks mad anus and that new America place sounds chill’

‘I know right, most of those Americans seem nice and they have mad land too.’

‘I bet they wouldn’t mind if we moved over there to escape the bull excrement we deal with here in this country! Heck, in time we could all live free with them so long as we’re chill too.’

And away they went to immigrate into a new country. Thing was those early settlers were a bunch of dill holes that had no respect for human life or cultures that differ from their own. So instead of passing around the peace pipe and living happily ever after they decided,  ‘let’s keep taking everything we can.’ And so they did. Slowly they moved westward killing any that stand in their way for gold, land, and Jesus. They argued over what land was theirs and even fought wars with other countries over rights to said land. All the while pushing the indigenous peoples West and South whilst making happy little zoos… err reservations for small indigenous groups to live within. Do you hear what I’m saying here (no, I’m not taking you to the zoo)?! The larger group of the indigenous peoples were pushed West

America (3)

and South

America (4)

‘Why, that means they were pushed into Mexico Joseph!’

‘I know blog reader, I know (or maybe this was read to you?).’

Mexicans are actually Americans! Yes, I know, ‘in the grand scheme of things everybody here is “American” considering this continent is named America’ but, that is not the topic today people! Mexicans = Americans, for my math minded folks. Take some time to soak that in….

So, why the heck are we building a wall?! This is their land. We should be welcoming them back and trying to afford them learning resources on their original cultures. You know because maybe they aren’t interested in speaking the language, participating in the holidays, or anything of the likes of their conquerors (the Spanish and English). Or, if Mexico is so bad off that they can not make life happy for their people and control the gangs that are causing the U.S. so much trouble then, perhaps we should assume control over the country? Make Mexico another state in the U.S. and help our country’s true ancestors. They are just sitting there being oppressed…. errr ‘democratic with huge emphasis on corruption’ by a government that is nearly completely Spaniard.

They’ve been mistreated for so long now I just don’t understand the use of a wall. Free my fellow Americans! Or at the very least scrap your expensive and ridiculously sized wall for an equally expensive and ridiculous welcoming mat.