Too Much Video Games

‘Blasphemy, there can never be enough!’

No really wayyy too much. It’s my brains first go to when deciding what I want to do, what I carry out almost every evening until bed, and is the habit that is most rubbing off on my sons. I can figure out other things to do and often I’ll participate in other things for the evening with my wife (if she isn’t also bent on playing a game) but, it would seem my boys aren’t as blessed in this aspect. Like right now, I just had the thought ‘meh, I can write more later let’s jam a game of Smite.’ Man… So yeah, anyways I’m trying my best to slow it down and show the boys that there are so many other things to do (like writing on an online blog) and, hopefully it will eventually catch on.

Children just don’t seem interested in things that aren’t electronic anymore though. I’m a 90’s kid so don’t get me wrong I played (and still play) a butt ton of games but, if the neighborhood kids came over in need of an extra team mate or what have you I was out the door (except during my FFT years, they drug me out of the room during that time BUT I STILL WENT). And I guess that’s a bit of what I’m getting at here, even when my sons friends come over they all convene at the T.V. and commence to playing. I just wish they would ask to go hit the woods or cast the line sometimes instead of my having to force them out (all while feeling like an arse for taking them out of their element). Well anywho, I’m off to garden. Laters