A little about me


expect the worst while hoping for the best, play video games, enjoy the outdoors, served my country and my hometown, study environmental biology and ecology, am fond of mythology, am a work in progress, love to spearfish, enjoy teaching my sons, overly appreciate film, am trying to somewhat self sustain, have great disdain for exercise yet still force myself to do it, smell after long periods of yardwork, am married to my high… er middle school sweetheart, take care of the world’s whiniest basset hound (Elvis gets it), love most all genres of music, am bearded, enjoy gathering all my family’s children for play dates, write music, paint in oil and watercolor (watercolor is my favorite), am an omnivore, indulge in psychoactive toxins (prefer a good stout), smoke and grill edibles, watch anime, have caught them all (red/blue), travel when I can, believe the human body is beautiful in all it’s many forms (though I’d rather the angry redheaded type), don’t care with whom/what you get intimate with (unless of course it’s is non-consenting those people disgust me), am that white boy, am whatever you say I am (that is of course so long as you believe it to be true), sometimes enjoy a good music festival, love dark chocolate, eat sushi (sometimes with raw fish), curse way too much (sailor approved), am a Final Fantasy Fanboy, cosplay, like to blow things up, like to watch others blow things up, am probably whistling right now, occasionally theorize human processes, don’t like cake (gets a cheesecake every birthday), think that grey is the best color, contemplate everything too often, am learning to meditate, am getting better at guitar (with the wife’s help), claim every stinky fart even when they aren’t mine, am not particular to any sports, scream for ice cream, am handsome (my wife says so), am so many things that I guess I should just come in here every once and again in order to integrate them into this list. Hope you enjoyed reading this randomness, lolz