Dark Rooms

Is it just me or are dark rooms the best when it comes to maxin’ and relaxin’? I could sit in a dark cold room all day with the right movie/game and snack set up. Why as a matter of fact I’m sitting in my pee pants… dark room right now surrounded by dim white Christmas lights typing about how much I enjoy the comfort the room affords me.

“You hear that house gods! Now keep my roof and foundation good for the next 60 years, please?”

“That’s fine we planned on crushing your AC in the next few months.”

Anyway, as far back as I can recall I’ve always enjoyed this. Playing a video game? Close door, turn out lights, cut on the fun. Reading a book? Close door, turn out lights, turn on one tiny (emphasis on tiny) book lamp. Meditating? Close door, Turn out lights, pull covers over head, engage the dream factory. Dark rooms are the business! Sure it can be a maze when trying to find things but, still… Well, that is all for this nonsensical rant. Do any of you prefer good times in dark rooms? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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